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Am I Alone Out Here?

Hi, I'm crystal

Seems like there aren’t many or I just don’t know how to find them! I have connected with a few and it was so comforting ( although that’s seems weird to say!) today to hear from a woman at about the same stage of journey as me. She’s on the other side of the world, no less! I hope to hear from others! I am so thankful for my life! I had no clue and was stage IIIA when found in Oct. 2010 and my right lung was removed Dec.1st. Some chemo, 6 trts. I am walking for exercise. I tried skipping a couple of weeks ago. That was a silly thing to do! Fun, but I paid! I am 50 yrs.young! I am still tired a lot, my memory is shot and still some pain, but I passed the crazy bad pain stage only about a month or so ago. Still, when there is no comparison or no one can tell me how I’m doing! It gets in my head sometimes. I’m glad to find this group!

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  • Mon Oct 31, 2011
Hi, I'm cizzo53

Hey! I had my right lung removed when I was fifty as well and I have walked 3 half marathons since and am working on my fourth. i also have part of my left lung gone.
What part of the world do you live in?

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  • Thu Nov 3, 2011

It is comforting to hear about those who have gone through the surgery and are still hanging in there. I debated a lot about whether to join this group but think I will be glad I did. I have just been diagnosed and am still going through the PET, MRI….stage. Will see oncologist again on Monday and all test should be back. He has already mentioned surgery but needed more info on how far it has spread. I was surprised to hear how long the pain stage last. Funny how they say cancer is the silent killer as there is not pain in the early stages. I certainly have pain now and it makes you think the cancer is further than it probably is. I know I should not jump to conclusions but one does. I will know the “story” on Monday and think I will deal better after that.

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  • Fri Nov 4, 2011
Hi, I'm crystal

Hi! I am so glad you’re here!! cizzo53 and CAROLYN C.S. I live right outside Daytona Beach, Florida. cizzo53, that is awesome to hear! Congratulations! That is sooo encouraging to me! Where are you? Carolyn, I’m feeling for you. I am waiting for Nov.11, for my mammogram and chest scans. My rt. brst. was abnormal they found when doing tests for the LC. Not knowing is hard. I prayed a lot! A lot! And asked almost everyone I even slightly knew to pray for me too. It seemed that I had a hard time with the pain and it was hard to the people to listen or believe it or something. A new P.A. came to my oncologist’s office and then that was no longer a prob. I think I have a convoluted nervous system! But I’ve started to try and not be too afraid to learn more about this awful disease and I was really hoping someone would chime in here. This is quite new to me but I need to vent and want to compare and hear positive, sharing negative, I am really tired today for some reason and between my husband and the phone I forgot to turn off I didn’t get my “little afternoon rest”! I will be thinking and praying for you, Carolyn. I just wanted to know “the story” like you. Then I wanted ACTION! I did not find out how bad it was till I woke up. I had said do whatever you have to to save my life. They called my husband to say they needed to do the whole lung and here I am. I am feeling a lot better, just still getting tired by mid-afternoon is weird to me. I like to be active! I guess I’ve gabbed enough for now. I am grateful to be alive, it was a beautiful day! 68 and started grey and turned sunny. Perfect!

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  • Fri Nov 4, 2011
Hi, I'm crystal

Carolyn, my heart really goes out to you. Once you know, the game is on! Take No Prisoners! You are a warrior on a mission! Take care, Crystal

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  • Fri Nov 4, 2011
Hi, I'm catherine f.

My wife Cathy was diagnosed as terminal with lung cancer in April. She has taken an initial six treatments and her chest and neck has cleared up but there is still a lump in the lungs though I am told it is greatly reduced and has a lowered metabolism. We started a second series this week with reduced drugs. I have not yet exactly found out where we are. I am not sure if we are just working to extend her years or if we might actually get her cancer free. It is hard to get the doctor to make a concise conclusive statement. I see him again in two weeks and at that time I will try to pin him down.

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  • Sat Nov 5, 2011
Hi, I'm crystal

I’m hoping cancer free. sounds good, lowering the metabolic rate. How is Cathy feeling? I am trying to stay positive, waiting for my one year scans in a week. It’s scarey and nerve wracking. I still feel pain and achey on my right side. My rt. brst. is hurting and trying to figure out if I have psyched myself or what. I’m tired today and seem to have been these past few days. Just a lot of stuff…working on how to learn not to think too much!

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  • Sat Nov 5, 2011
I'm Lori Hope, and I'm a cancer survivor and compassion advocate

I had a left lobectomy 9 years ago. Was in great shape physically – was 48 years young. Took several months but got back to “normal.” (New normal.) Had another surgery (wedge resection) last July and was back to salsa dancing two weeks later. Sending smiles and hugs and always hope!
Part of what has helped me has been advocating for lung cancer awareness through several orgs.Hope you have the energy and inclination to do so – but if not, no worries. We all do what we can! Lori

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  • Sat Nov 5, 2011
Hi, I'm crystal

I’ve been trying to do some! I had an interview with our local newspaper, Daytona Beach News Journal, health writer, Anne Geggis. Hopefully she’ll have a write up before Nov. ends, but we’ll see! Then I am waiting to hear back from City Hall on getting the LC Awareness and Education Proclamation about getting it proclaimed at the commissioner’s meeting. I’m also waiting to from a local radio station for a spot on the 17th if they can get a professional to come in on the discussion of LC awareness!! I am hoping for some good to come! No that’s not right, I am expecting good to come of this!! I appreciate the smiles,hugs and hope, Lori!

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  • Sun Nov 6, 2011
Hi, I'm catherine f.

Crystal, Sorry it has been so long. I only look at this page when they mail it to me. Initially, the treatment was very tough. I was blaming the avastin, but now I think it might have been the carboplatin. During the initial six treatments she had gas, abdominal pains, her mouth broke out, nose-bleeds, and her blood pressure was all out of whack. It was very tough.

After the first of the second series of reduced treatments, most of that is gone. It took a lot of playing around with her blood pressure drugs, but that now seems under control. No gas, stomach or mouth problems. On the bad side, so late in the game she started to lose her hair. That has her a bit depressed. I told her it was her Purple Heart; her medal for going to war against cancer. Yesterday, for the first time in weeks she had a nose bleed. I am thinking of taking her to a nose specialist to see if cauterization might work, but nosebleed is one of the first things mentioned under “problems” with these drugs so she may just have to live with it.

So, I guess we are doing well. Although the original sentence was “One year to live,” she was out shopping yesterday and nobody knows she is sick unless I tell them. Maybe we are doing well, maybe not. I guess only the Lord knows :-)

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  • Sat Nov 12, 2011

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