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Ibrance as hormore treatment for metastatic breat cancer

Hi, I'm Mary E S.

Just started my 2nd month of Ibrance treatment. So far not many side-affects.. Just wonder is anyone else using this drug and can give me advise on what to expect as time goes on?

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  • Tue Jun 19, 2018
Hi, I'm Zelda M J.

I have been taking ibrance about 14 months with no problems.

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  • Tue Jun 26, 2018
I'm John Cioffi, and I'm a survivor of Bone Cancer

I just came off ibrance after 20 months. The only side effect I had was a little fatigue, and some hair loss. Don’t know if it was the drug or just the fact that I am 77 years old. It’s just that I was fine up until that first month back in 2016 so I’m blaming it on the ibrance. However, I am here talking about it so all is well! I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1996, had a modified mastectomy on my left breast and did chemo treatments for about six months, (brutal). I suffered a relapse when the same strain came back, 20 years later. This time it settled in my left pelvic bone and my left, upper femur, with a few small spots on my lung. Did 15 bouts of radiation in 2016 on my femur and pelvic, plus ibrance and letrozole (still taking the letrozole), plus monthly Xgeva shots for bone strength. Now my tumor markers are down from over 900 to the low 200s (should be from 0-35), taking Xgeva only every three months. And, I’m a statistic since I am a guy who suffered male breast cancer. Kinda rare, but us men do get it! But I’m here talking about it so all is well. And, I am planning my 100th birthday party in 2041. Keep a bright outlook and remember, the glass is always half full! Be positive!

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  • Sun Aug 5, 2018
Hi, I'm Mary E S.

Great story! Just wonder why you’re stopping Ibrance? I’m trying to keep the glass half-full! Most days I can. Thanks for the input.

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  • Mon Aug 13, 2018

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