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Lymphodema in my cheek and neck

I'm SHERRY A D., and I'm a survivor of Melanoma

I had surgery in May followed by radiation. Before radiation I was doing much much better. Now I have sever Lymphodema chronic pain and noone seems to understand or be able to help!

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  • Sat Nov 30, 2019
Hi, I'm Mrs Lourens

Hello Everyone,
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  • Sun Dec 1, 2019

My advice is keep seeking help. It may take time to actually get that help. I had TONS of reactions to meds after robotic lung cancer surgery. I found basically no one listened. As long as I was upright and breathing I was “doing well.” I wasn’t. I was in pain, scared, uneducated, having a myriad of reactions. One doctor even handed me a print out of what I was asking and told me to “figure it out”. So I started seeing new doctors and fired those others. Also, I got good help from Nurse Practitioners. They actually listened.

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  • Sun Dec 8, 2019
Hi, I'm Tamara

Hi I’m dealing with the same but mainly in my leg and arm !! But I feel bloated and like I’m retaining fluids all over my body ! And the pain is awful, you may want to go get physical therapy, I also do acupuncture and manual lymphatic massages that seem to help

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  • Wed Dec 11, 2019

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