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Male hot flashes

Hi, I'm Golf4mel

Are there any other men undergoing cancer treatment using Lupron and Zytiga who have leveraged acupuncture to lessen or eliminate hot flashes?

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  • Mon Nov 4, 2019
Hi, I'm Ken Maurer

Yes. I have taken four Lupron injections. I get hot flashes, confusion, depression. The worst is muscle loss and fatigue. I have a lot of leakage. Started Kegel training. Also PT for shoulder weakness. I had a radical prostatectomy, 44 intensity modulated photon radiation treatments and four injections of Lupron. I had shrinkage from all three.

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  • Sun Nov 10, 2019
Hi, I'm Golf4mel

Thanks for responding. My symptoms are not nearly as severe at this point,

I am going to use acupuncture starting next week and will keep you posted with results.

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  • Mon Nov 11, 2019

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