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Stress and Cancer

My goal is to see that no woman has to face cancer alone

Stress is a major contributor to the body’s ability to develop cancer. We all face stress, but whether we choose to let our stress become damaging is the critical issue. Dis-tress can result in dis-ease, so managing stress or the way we react to it is important. When someone cuts us off in traffic, we can become frazzled and angry, or we can take the stance that perhaps something terrible has happened, a child rushed to the hospital and this dad is frantically trying to get there. We cannot control the situation, but we can control how we react. One type of stress women often endure endlessly is that of toxic relationships. Feeling trapped in an abusive or emotionally unfulfilling relationship takes its toll and can promote cancer. Conversely, a loving relationship with a partner and a strong support group of friends can go a long way in the quest for wellness. In order to avoid or reverse the development of cancer, we need to change the environment in which it was permitted to grow. If you suspect a toxic relationship is causing you endless stress, it might be well worth it to make some changes. Please visit my post, The Redwood Forest.
Have a relaxing day, Elyn

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  • Sat Nov 26, 2011

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