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Hi, I'm Betti
A urine test should have showed a UTI. The lady I was talking about didn't find out about her UTI for a week as the ER doctor was so set on a Covid diagnosis she either missed the urine test resul...
  • about 6 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Dennis Keely
I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma a few weeks ago, so this is all very new to me. My direct family has been trying to decide the "best" way to communicate with extended family and friends, ...
  • about 16 hours ago · Like1
I'm wokazedpill, and I'm a healthcare professional
  • about 22 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Mary T.
I am only one month in to multiple Myeloma, I get 2 Velcade Shots A week, take 40 mg Dex (steroid) on Monday’s and just added Revlimid 5 mg starting in my second cycle today. I had the worst cons...
  • Mon Oct 19, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Alisa
Ty so much for sharing I start my 1st cycle on 10/30 will do 4 cycles of xelox .Your stories are so much helpful and kind .
  • Mon Oct 19, 2020 · Like3
Hi, I'm Susan H O.
I was diagnosed with stage 2B Ovarian Cancer in July 2012. I had just turned 62 the day after my surger! I had years of problems with Endometriosis and infertility but at the time the treatment f...
  • Fri Oct 16, 2020 · Like1
Hi, I'm Eddy Wood
We were diagnosed Nov 27th 2019. I was told in the ICU my husband was expected 2-6 months. We completed standard of care Temadar and radiation.( 6 week course). He had a 6cm left frontal lobe mass....
  • about 8 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Thriver
Sorry. What is cmml-0?
  • about 13 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Robyn Johnson
I can understand!! Nothing has gone the way my surgeon has thought so far either.... I just pray the nausea isn't very bad.... That's my cryptonite...
  • about 14 hours ago · Like1
Hi, I'm Thriver
Is anyone familiar with the GVAX vaccine to extend multiple myeloma remissions when patients are on maintenance and myeloma is under control?
  • about 16 hours ago ·

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