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I'm S. McLeod, and I'm a survivor of Other Cancer
High Kappa light chains, AL type
  • Sun Jan 10, 2016 ·
Hi, I'm Robert P.
I have been blessed with NHL for 1 1/2 years & have yet to experience a headache. Are headaches a result of chemo or NHL? Are they long in duration?
  • Sat Jan 2, 2016 ·
Hi, I'm HealthyDeb
Thanks for the update, Mike! You will probably start to see some relief soon. You have a great attitude and that will definitely help you along the way. I will look for periodic posts on your progr...
  • Fri Jan 1, 2016 ·
I'm Ankit Rochani, and I'm a healthcare professional
Dear all, It is observed that many of cancer patients may be having problem in diagnosis of breast cancer. Moreover, it is also problematic to decide which diagnostic procedure is most appropriate...
  • Tue Dec 29, 2015 · Like1
I'm Ankit Rochani, and I'm a healthcare professional
Dear all, I know people must be facing some problems regarding diagnosis of cancer. Hence, I took an effort to help you all to get acquainted with diagnostic methods used cancer diagnosis. I wo...
  • Fri Dec 25, 2015 ·
Hi, I'm Tanyia R.
I began having problems with high platelets 2 years ago. My doc has watched my level, done scans, colonoscopy, and other "easy" tests. Just before thanksgiving I had a bone marrow biopsy as my le...
  • Mon Dec 21, 2015 · Like1
I have been taking Imbruvica for CLL. Works fine. A side effect though is low antibodies. My IgA, IgM and IgG are way below normal. So far I have not had any infections but I am told by my dentist ...
  • Sun Dec 20, 2015 · Like1
Hi, I'm Betty L C.
I had lower right lobectomy in 2013, 5 months chemo, injections to kill the nerbe but still deal with pain, now have sevete depression. Will this last forever ?I am so very tired of feeling bad. It...
  • Wed Dec 9, 2015 · Like1
I'm Frank V., and I'm a survivor of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Incidentally, in addition to the post above - I did not mention that my laryngeal cancer was NOT HPV related, as many are. BUT - I HAVE had GERD with treatment for years, alcohol drinker, (light) ...
  • Sun Dec 6, 2015 · Like2
Hi, I'm Joanne F.
I also have MDS del5q and have been on Revlimid since June of 2015. I have not had any problem with the drug. I have tolerated it well, and have seen good improvements in my blood levels. More i...
  • Fri Dec 4, 2015 ·

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