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Breast Caner Index test

Hi, I'm Betti

If any of you are on the fence regarding stopping and going more than 5 years on an AI talk with your team. I have just ended 5 years of Letrozole and for the most part have had few side effects. When I saw my Oncology ARNP a few weeks ago she recommended a Breast Cancer Index test. They use a piece of the tumor and send it to a special lab for special tests. It will show if one would benefit from an additional 5 years on the medication or it won’t really help. I came in right around 5% for recurrence and so I wouldn’t benefit from another 5 years. It is costly but I was told they work it out with your insurance company, I’m on Medicare so they will accept whatever Medicare allows and no more. It is a relief to know I can now discontinue 2 pills; my AI and a generic med. for my Osteopenia (which I had prior to my BC diagnosis). Be your own advocate and if unsure talk with your team as they have to order it.

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  • Mon Aug 13, 2018

Is it normal to do the index test after the 5 yrs of treatment? Or what prompted your doc to do it? I asked my PA if they did a mammoprint test or something similar – I read about it and she side no not with my type of b.c. (stage 1 and 0 ER/PR & Her2 positive no nodes) – I usually go blank when I’m at the doc so didn’t ask why? :( I’m going into my 5th mo of letrozole and my hips hurt terrible. I walk and workout but doesn’t seem to be helping. I can’t seem to lose weight either. and some weeks – OMG I’m so tired I don’t want to get out of bed and get wait to get back in it. then like last week – I had weird energy and I cleaned out all my cabinets and organized like I haven’t done since my diagnosis (August 2017). so my energy is up one week and down others and depressed and crying like crazy. I never know from week to week / day to day. I get my post treatment scans Oct 15. I’m nervous and so scared. I just want things to balance out some – I’m doing therapy and working out and trying to eat right – I’ve really cut back on sugar almost never have sweets anymore. that’s all I could eat during chemo so I got a lil addicted and now I try to replace it with fruit. I feel like I’m doing things right. I sure would like to know (or I think I’d like to know) my future risks. right now I’m completely obsessed with recurrence almost to the point I can’t move forward. sorry…I may have gotten off on some tangents. I was interested in that / any of those tests for recurrence. I plan to go in with a list of questions on the Oct 18th – and I pray the scans are normal but til then….stress stress stress!! best to all :)

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  • Mon Oct 1, 2018
Hi, I'm Betti

I was diagnosed in Jan. 2013 and completed all my treatments at the end of Aug. 2013. I had done an OncoType DX test to see if I needed chemo. This test I mentioned was done in Aug. 2018 to see if I needed to continue, after 5 years of Letrozole or be taken off of it. So it’s a test to see if one would benefit from an additional 5 years on an AI or not. I have a couple of friends diagnosed in the last year who will be on an AI for 10 years rather than the 5 they used to do.

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  • Fri Oct 5, 2018

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