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What yo expect

Hi, I'm Maddie

I’m new to all this will start Chemo in 2 weeks can anyone tell me what I can expect prayers to everyone

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  • Thu Aug 26, 2021
Hi, I'm Betti

Everyone has different experiences with Chemo. Your team should give you info on the drugs they will be using and possible side effects. I know during my infusions the nurse had a whole list of questions she asked me that I may have had in the 3 weeks in between infusions. You will be OK and if during an infusion you experience something let the nurse know right away.

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  • Fri Aug 27, 2021
Hi, I'm Nancy T

HI Maddie, by now you’re probably becoming a pro at this chemo stuff. However, each treatment and each week brings its own challenges. I had a neighbor who told me early on, “It’s a Journey.” It is, but it feels more like a Sentence in the beginning. As you continue on in this journey, I hope you will find new strength and a silver lining in every cloud. I was diagnosed with stage 2 HR+ BC in April, and a second lump found but misdiagnosed as HER2+ two weeks later, and I was so scared, so much anxiety. Because of diligent doctors who meet and discuss each case every week, A retest of the second lump revealed just HR+. This was great news as it changed my treatment plan to be shorter and a lesser chemo drug. Prayers and good thoughts to you for a successful and blessed time of reflection, hope, and renewed faith during this journey.

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  • Fri Oct 22, 2021

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