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uterine cancer

Hi, I'm bass flutist
in 2017 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and went thru the total hysterectomy/salpingectomy/oophorectomy, but no lymph node dissection. then came 6 months of chemo and that was followed by 6 straight weeks of radiation. I am one of the lucky few who has had the cancer come back, I believe because the uterus broke into pieces during the surgery and they had to open up the abdomen. therefore, the robot was of little use. so in 2019 during a routine CT scan of the lower abdomen a pulmonary nodule was found in my right lower lobe. (lung) It grew slowly but surely and hence, other masses have occurred in both lungs. now , after going through the painful lung biopsy, I am doing chemo again. I am full of hope and strength from our Lord. and I pray for all of you out there, that your cancer does not come back as mine did, and I am thankful to finally have found a support group! thank you very much, elissa ann
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  • Thu Mar 26, 2020

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