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Scan Results STABLE

Hi, I'm Lenora

I have stage IIIC Carcinoid Tumors in my lungs lymph-nodes & bronchial areas. I have had 25 days of radiation’s & 4 cycles of chemo. I recently had my first chest X-ray after treatment was completed. After a week of asking what the results were I finally hear back from someone who spoke with my dr and said the scan/X-ray was STABLE. Can anyone explain to me what that means as far Cancer goes?
I have to have a NetSpot scan soon before I speak with my doctor. It is a carcinoid specific glucose dye injection scan that shows slices of your body from the head to lower extremities. I had this right before my treatment began. & will have it again if insurance approves it. I don’t know what is going on and all I get as an answer is it’s STABLE!!! Please help!!!

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  • Fri Oct 11, 2019

I am currently in remission (NED) from carcinoid/Neuroendocrine Cancer. I had a lobectomy of middle lobe of right lung. Due to the rarity of this disease I would see a carcinoid specialist. You can go to to find one. Unfortunately there isn’t any in Michigan. There are several Facebook support groups that are extremely helpful. Lovable lungnoids is a great one.
I mean no disrespect to any of the oncologist at Lemmon-Holten they are wonderful doctors.

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  • Tue Nov 12, 2019

Hi Lenora, I am with you. “Stable” explains nothing. I cannot figure out what these doctors think the patient wants to hear. My own lung cancer surgeon continually argued to me that yes he (and staff) explained each and every test result. They didn’t. They’d say, “Looks okay.” Nor did they even say what all they ordered etc. in the hospital (X-rays, etc.) Continually I had no clue until they’d wheel some contraption into the room and say “We’re here for your tests.” Most recently, my oncologist sent me, once again, for lymph node biopsies. Her reply to me about test results: “It’s okay.” “Huh?” I said. “That’s a medical definition?” And we patients wait, wait, wait…. This is destructive to patient well-being. I found the radiologists and their clinic and personnel realize this SO MUCH BETTER and actually take time to explain and get results ASAP especially if you say you will be calling for them. They always accommodate, I found. It’s so sad to have to have your radiologist on speed dial for help. Try that. Ask the facility who does the testing if you can call them directly for your results. I cannot read the results completely BUT I can ask another doctor—GP, PCP, etc.—to interpret. I find these doctors more helpful. Peace to you. Cindy

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  • Sun Nov 17, 2019

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