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ovarian cancer

Hello, i was diagnosed in Jan 2020 as stage 3c ,started on Carboplatin ,Avastin and taxol.Tha plan was for 4 cycles ,with surgery and 2 more cycles to complete the treatment. CT scan following the first 2 treatments showed tumour reduction .However the CT after the 4th ,shockingly indicated a greater tumor size with metastasis entire abdomen ! I was told that i had become platinum resistant ,and surgery would be extremely difficult and risky.
Now my new treatment will be Lipodox (Doxorubicin). My prognosis is grim.
I am wondering if any of you have heard or experienced my particular situation.

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  • Sat Apr 18, 2020
Hi, I'm Letsgo

Hi: I have just been diagnosed with ovarian Stage 3C in late Feb Had been feeling bad since December. Since the cancer had spread to the omentem I was put on Taxotere and Carboplatin. Seems to be working. A recent scan showed tumor shrinkage and halving of tumor marker. Doc says he can do the regular robotic surgery when it is time. I have had 3 chemo treatments so far. Not sure when full surgery will be scheduled. Sorry I can’t address your issue.

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  • Mon Apr 27, 2020

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