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Hi, I'm Douglas L L.

Hi! I came across this video on youtube . its an interview by a cancer survivor named JOE TIPPENS. he also has a blog on the internet MY CANCER STORY ROCKS. WOW! there are two good ones. in the 38 min he tells how the drug FENBENDAZOLE saved his life. its a dog dewormer. you can buy it without a prescription. a horse doctor shared how a scientist at MECK lab was giving cancer to mice,when they came down with parasites she gave them FENBENDAZOLE. it killed the parasites AND killed the cancer. they sent him home to die, so he said what have I got to lose. its a very inspiring story. he no was cancer free in 12 weeks. 30 months later still no cancer.

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  • Mon Jan 13, 2020
Hi, I'm Silviane P.

Wow! That’s very promising. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Wed Jan 15, 2020

Wikipedia reports that FENBENDAZOLE is being investigated for use as a cancer treatment in humans. Did you tell anyone in the cancer medical field about your experience with that drug??? Wow, for sure!

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  • Sun Jan 19, 2020
Hi, I'm Gloria L.

Sounds promising

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  • about 15 hours ago

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