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Facts on radiation

Hi, I'm Melinda A I.

I am starting radiation treatments also and am so thankful for your sharing. I just wondered if any of you found soaking in salt water
And baking soda Beth’s to be beneficial. I read this somewhere and am not sure if I should try this method or not. Any thoughts?
I wish you all the very best!!!

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  • Tue Jul 8, 2014
Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a Survivor!

Salt & baking soda baths do absolutely work to pull out radiation, chemo, and other toxins. (I would certainly advise you to discuss it with your radiation team before you use it during radiation therapy.)

However, after radiation, there shouldn’t be any concerns at all. My healthcare team was delighted that I recovered from side effects so quickly and tumour totally arrested. And since I couldn’t take full baths for awhile, I used foot baths. BTW, many of my clients, friends, & relatives use this gentle detox method, whether they have any cancer or not.

Directions and History follow.
Bath Directions:
*Use warm, not hot water.
*Add equal amounts Salt and Baking Soda.
*Soak for 25 minutes if possible. And keep water warm.
Foot Bath: use up to 1/4 cup each. Can Start with smaller amount, such as 1 Tablespoon each when soaking in something the size of a dishpan. Work up amount used if starting low amount
Full Bath: Use from 1 to 2 cups each. Soak and keep all parts of body wet. Can use a pitcher to pour bath water over head, etc.

Note: The water will most likely discolor and even smell funny the first few times.

Note: Baths may be repeated as often as you want.

History: in 1940s Dr Hazel Parcels, ND, DC, PhD, worked on earning her PhD in Los Alamos and White Sands, NM, by finding methods to eliminate radiation from the human body. She wanted to save the young service men that had been exposed to fallout. The Salt & Baking Soda Baths are her simplest methods.

Note: Preferred salt is Real Salt or Himalayan because they are both mined and come from uncontaminated ancient sea beds. But any table salt will work.

Note: Large bags of baking soda can be found at places like Costco, BJs, Sam’s Club.

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  • Wed Jul 9, 2014
Hi, I'm Miriam R.

I had breast cancer in my right breast and had lumpectomy only. Cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes so I didn’t have chemotherapy. I had 33 radiation treatments. The only side effects I had where I was very fatigued , and toward the end of my treatments I got a pretty bad burn and had some skin break open. I shown it to the nurse and she gave me a spray and special medication to apply which helped a lot! I also had shooting pains in my breast toward the end and for several months following treatment. Any problems you may have just ask questions when you are there for your treatment and I found that everyone went above and beyond to help me!
I finished my treatments in October, 2013 but my breast is still very very tender to the touch…I don’t know how long that will last! Good luck to you with your treatments!

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  • Sun Jul 13, 2014
Hi, I'm Gwyn G.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree will the individual who stated that baking soda baths will pull radiation from the body after treatments. Most cancer treatments are given with external beam (a powerful x-ray machine) or using sealed sources of radiation (the radiation is encapsulated and placed in the body for a specific amount of time and then removed). Unlike the research that was done for nuclear fallout where the radiation was inhaled or ingested (entered the body as free radioactive materials), the radiation from most cancer treatments today do not release radioactive materials freely into the body. Therefore, after treatment is over, the radiation is removed from the body and there is no radiation left to remove from the body. The baths may make you feel better just because soaking in a bath tends to make one feel better anyway, but as far as removing radiation that isn’t present, there isn’t really much benefit.

Ask your physician if the radiation is in a sealed source or if it is unsealed radiation. If a large x-ray machine is used, you can see for yourself that no free radioactive materials have entered the body (they would have to be injected, inhaled, or ingested). If the source of radiation (sealed source) is removed from your body, it just isn’t in the body any longer. The effects of being exposed to large quantities of radiation (burns, hair loss, etc.) may remain, but the radiation is not there!

Please note that there are a number of incorrect statements perpetuated over the web with regards to radiation. If you have a question regarding radiation, either ask your physician or go the the Health Physics Society (HPS) website and ask a question through them. The HPS is comprised of individuals who have studied radiation extensively and know the different properties of radiation. Unlike most individuals believe, all radiation does not act in the same manner or have the same interactions or effects on a living organism!

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  • Mon Jul 14, 2014
Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a Survivor!

I posted the information on salt and soda baths based on knowledge, technical experience, personal experience with external radiation for cancer, and the method was used with full approval of my Oncologists and rest of my Healthcare Team.

It is NOT a placebo, as you implied. I stated that it was proven to pull out toxins created in the body.

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  • Mon Jul 14, 2014
Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a Survivor!

My apologies to the rest of the group. I am not perfect, but I should have said, ‘Salt & baking soda baths do absolutely work to pull out THE TOXIC EFFECTS OF radiation, chemo, and other toxins.’

Again, to the rest of the group, I apologize for the miscommunication.

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  • Mon Jul 14, 2014

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