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Tamoxifen yes your side effects are real despite what your doctor told you

Hi, I'm Ashley M.

I am a premenopausal cancer survivor tamoxifen at 20 mg has been wreaking havoc on my body and my brain for three and a half years and for that amount of time I have complained relentlessly about the side effects only to be told that they don’t exist that I’m wrong that I’m not experiencing those things that it’s not the medicine I’ve done my research here after year after year it took me threatening to go off my medicine telling them I want to die after begging and begging for them to decrease the dose and being told they couldn’t I contacted them setting a study that said that even 5 mg could be beneficial they told me that wasn’t true after three and a half years when I threatened to go off of it and told them I wanted to die they said I don’t understand why you don’t just break it in half as if it was something I should have known as if it wasn’t something I’ve been begging for years I’ve suffered a lot of permanent problems to my brain cognitive deterioration memory loss brain fog lack of multitasking ability I’ve had far more taken from me than should have to be 30 years old tonight I looked up tamoxifen 2021 on Google I found studies linking at the Parkinson’s which I asked about not possible they said I found studies proving and free side effect I have gone to them about the depression anxiety all of the issues with the brain the memory the multitasking everything everything that they made me feel crazy about everything that they told me I needed to see a psychiatrist about I was right so I tell you guys look up tamoxifen 2021 feel validated that you were right even when they wouldn’t validate you what you’re feeling is real what you’re feeling is the medicine we are told it’s okay cuz at least you’re alive no no it’s not okay to take what’s being taken from us and to tell us it’s not to cause us Mass cognitive dissonance to be made to feel like hypochondriacs only to be proven right in the end you know what your body is doing and don’t let the doctors tell you it’s not. Look it up it’s all there

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  • Fri Apr 30, 2021
Hi, I'm Betti

Seek another opinion even though you say you’ve had problems for 3+ years on Tamoxifen.

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  • Sat May 1, 2021

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