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Just Dianosed with prostae cancer

My PSA was 7 They byopsied it said it was cancer one prostate doc did not even mention the seed option I had to find that out online otherwise he would of taking my prostate out and I would have mental problems the rest of me life My Father had his taken out at 60 he lived till 88 years old He had reacurance even with no prostate out but he got the beam radation My brother got prostate cancer and had the radation at the VA but beam had side affects like wearing diapers They say the seeds is the best way to go, cause with beam it kills many healthy cells. Radiation going thru your skin and muscle having to go back 10 times They say with seeds you come back 3 times And with seeds they go thru your front and go right into the prostate to the bad spot not killing any healthy cells God forbid if I were awake when they did that it really be like I am in hell I saw on You tube people went with the seeds and have no problems afterwards except when they first get the seeds in Some people talked about taking Hormones I don’t think I need Hormones cause I will still have my prostate intact and the spot is not really that big I don’t want to take hormones

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  • Mon May 18, 2020

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