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About me

Through my breast cancer experience, I have become a healthcare advocate, and I focus on helping others advocate for themselves in a medical system that often seems impersonal and beurocratic.

I learned how to hire and fire doctors, how to advocate fo



Shared Experiences  

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Telling family & friends
My parents and some friends had major problems coping with my breast cancer diagnosis. My brother broke the news to my parents because we both knew it would be too hard on me. My parents waited a d...
Wed Jan 13, 2010
What I've learned
I've learned a lot about myself: that I'm strong, resilient, and I have a lot to share with others about how they can call the shots in their own medical care. A professional writer, I now use my w...
Wed Sep 23, 2009
Overcoming fear
When you go to the doctor, does your panic spike? Mine does. I have flashbacks and am scared of a recurrence. This is the demon that I must grapple with. I don't know if it's possible to ove...
Wed Sep 23, 2009
Choosing a care team
I know I use this phrase a lot, including in the tagline of my Calling the Shots blog at I'm promoting my blog -- not for self-flattery -- but because it contains ...
Wed Sep 23, 2009
My diagnosis
When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer at a relatively young age, I was shocked. I ate healthy foods, exercised regularly, and my relatives had long, healthy life spans. I had no reason t...
Wed Sep 23, 2009