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Making Time; Being Thoughful

Two things that are easily forgotten as days become busier and busier and time more precious by the second: make time and be considerate. For those of us lucky enough to have escaped cancer, it is easy to forget the constant struggle our loved ones endure. They may have pain-free or worry-free moments, but life for them is a little like lugging around a 25 pound weight everywhere they go doing everything they do.

As supporters, if we can help lighten their load for even a second, we’ve contributed to their fight and helped make them stronger.

Little things help:
If you are making a casserole for dinner, make two & drop one off with cooking instructions.
If you are running an errand, call to see if your loved one has that same task on their list & kill two birds with one stone
Take the kids for the afternoon
Help tidy up when you visit
Play upbeat music

I'm Dustin Ver Beek and my spouse has stage IV brain cancer.

Sandra, great list and reminder of how to help. Thank you.

  • Tue Feb 22, 2011
Hi, I'm Jo

Wonderful message! During Treatment I have had friends make me a dinner or two and it was very much appreciated!!!

  • Wed Apr 20, 2011