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Shared Experiences

  • Just tell them

    Telling family & friends
    Added Oct 28, 2009

    The ER Doctor told me, my husband, and my youngest son I had Leukemia right there in the ER room. I asked my husband to call my sister (she is actually a childhood friend, we call each other sister, we’re both only children). My sister is a doctor, so immediately she was in contact with the ER doctor.
    That night was phone call heaven, for bein…

  • Thank God for Dr. Ryan Engel

    Choosing a care team
    Added Oct 28, 2009

    Since this Leukemia thing was new to me, I was open to any suggestions. The ER doctor referred me to the Oncologist, however she was not on call so I would have to see her partner.
    I am so glad Dr. Engel was on call that day. He has a great sense of humor, he explained all about CML, not only to me but a room full of relatives. He drew picture…