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We each have a battle to fight

Created October 19th, 2011, filed in Breast Cancer

When I was fighting cancer I had two teenagers fighting their own battles, drugs. I am in the hospital, they are in rehab. As I am in surgery I am worried about them being out on the street using. I had my husband as a support system, but his Mother brought him up to believe that we are inferior if we get sick. He never went to a support group with me, he did go to my first doctor appointment when I found out that I had cancer, but that was the only appointment that he ever attended. I did the entire cancer experience alone. Please don’t allow any family member to do that. I consider myself a very strong woman, but that was a hard thing to do. I took care of my sister every day for three months after her diagnosis of matasis of breast cancer just three years before, up to the day she died, and here I am going through this alone. All my family lived out of state, my Mother was too elderly to come to my aid, my older sister just not there. I learned through this experience that if ANYONE I know is in the hospital, has cancer, has any kind of illness, that we must be there for them, always. For anything they need.

Hi, I'm Lianne

Your story is very similar to mine. God bless you for taking care of your are an angel. I’m also battling cancer and have a teenager in rehab. I have family but live far from them.I pretty much feel very alone also.I have always been a nurturer and wish i now had somebody nurturing me.I feel for you and I pray for you to be strong.

  • Sun Nov 13, 2011
Hi, I'm Carol

Hi Vickie, Pray that you’ve been doing okay with your cancer battle, also praying that your teenagers are winning their battle over drugs. Sorry, you’ve had to faced your journey without the support of your family. Thank God you were there for your sister in her time of need. God is the Great Physician. HE loves you. PTL, for his promises, HE will never leave you nor forsake you or put more on you than you can bare. Wishing you Blessings of Joy, Peace and Laughter this Christmas season and throughout the New Year. Take care & God Bless.

  • Thu Dec 8, 2011