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Hi, I'm Patti54
Greetings everyone! This is the 2nd time I’ve had cancer. 38 yrs ago after having my first and only child, I had been a “Down Winder” from Hanford Nuclear Plant in the state of WA. I had thyroid ca...
  • Thu May 12, 2022 · Like2
Hi, I'm GordonsMom
My rad doc prescribed "magic mouthwash" which had a variety of meds in it (tetracycline, nystatin, hydrocortisone, siladryl, etc) It was horrible to gargle with (4x per day) but worked. Maybe ask y...
  • Mon Jan 3, 2022 · Like2
Hi, I'm John L.
I missed a step. Put it in the freezer after you shake it.
  • Sat Sep 5, 2020 · Like3
Hi, I'm GordonsMom
re: suggestions for what your hubby might be able to eat. Bananas, Baked potatoes (with micro packs of steamed broccoli and cheese) and scrambled eggs worked well for me. Also drank a protein shak...
  • Wed Dec 9, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm GARY N.
I had to live off of Ensures for weeks during my treatments. Also Aleve helped with the pain. One Aleve every 6 hours. Two Ensures Plus in the morning, two at noon and two at 6 PM. I needed to take...
  • Sun Aug 2, 2020 · Like1
Hi, I'm GordonsMom
For dry mouth at night, I use xylimelts. Just one, on the side that was radiated, lasts most of the night. No more sipping water and getting up to potty all night. As well, hot chamomile tea with h...
  • Wed Dec 9, 2020 · Like4
Updated Oct 5, 2010
This group provides information and support to cancer patients and their loved ones. Patients with any head and/or neck cancer including tongue or throat cancer are welcome to attend. Location: Wi... more