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This group is here to help you use Navigating Care, get to know the Navigating Care team and share general information for all users.


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I'm Dan'sDad, and I support someone with cancer
Udenyca is said to be a biosimilar for Neulasta. Other than being about a third less expensive, does Udenyca deal with pegfilgrastim differently than Neulasta?RVB
  • Sun Aug 23, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Amy
I had total hysterectomy in June. The anticipation was worse than the actual surgery. Try not to worry. I had great team of doctors nurses and support staff. My Dr gave me gave me epidural for pai...
  • Thu Jul 16, 2020 · Like4
Hi, I'm Betti
I pray you got some answers. I would have tried to get into my regular doctor and see if any tests were in order. During the Covid-19 lockdowns I did see my PCP, Dermatology PA, and my Optometris...
  • Sat Jul 25, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Jenny
Hello, Any survivors of gallbladder cancer? My doctor told me that this form of cancer is very rare. If you are diagnosed with it, usually it will be in the late stage. i am a stage 4 gallblad...
  • Thu May 28, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Betti
A few years back I was prescribed a med. that was a chemical peel for my bottom lip. It literally when dry was black and crusty. I was to apply it twice a day. I asked what I could put on my upp...
  • Thu Apr 30, 2020 · Like1
I'm Telly, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
It has been three weeks since my bilateral mastectomy in which I had tissue expanders placed. My recovery is going well, however they have cancelled my scheduled appointments for expander fills. ...
  • Fri Mar 20, 2020 ·
Uploaded Feb 11, 2013
We provide education on taking charge of a cancer diagnosis by focusing on the factors you CAN control: Anti-Cancer Nutrition, the Role of Exercise, Stress Management and Connection. Our educatio... more
Created Aug 18, 2011
The Patient Advocate Foundation provides effective mediation and arbitration services to patients to remove obstacles to healthcare including medical debt crisis, insurance access issues and employ... more
Updated Oct 8, 2010
About: Provides direct financial support to insured patients, including Medicare Part D beneficiaries, who must financially and medically qualify to access pharmaceutical co-payment assistance. lo... more
Updated Oct 11, 2010 is an online resource for caregivers that provides topic-specific newsletters, online discussion lists, archived articles of Today's Caregiver magazine, chat rooms, and online store. ... more
Updated Oct 11, 2010
About: A home-like setting for people fighting cancer to connect with and learn from each other. location: Phoenix, Arizona organization: The Wellness Community phone: 602-712-1006 email: info@... more