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Hi, I'm jim
I am 63 years old. I was diagnosed 12-17-1986 with testicular cancer. I had the right testicle removal done and radical chemo. I had a second surgery in Houston to remove the lymph nodes in my chest as the cancer had spread to them as well. Today I am a normal male with few side effects from all the past episodes of treatment. Mainly I have a depleted testosterone level which I am looking at tr…   Read more…

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Created Sep 4, 2011 in Testicular Cancer Support Group's resources · Like2
I battled testicular cancer and stage 2 non-hodgkins lymphoma at the same time.....and survived. You can my blog if you like May... more
Created Sep 1, 2011 in bendeschaadsthinkingagain's resources · Like1
My battle with non-hodgkins and testicular cancer. Told from a nurse educators perspective. Personal, true, and I hope beneficial. Some dark humor.

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